Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy Birthday, Kaylee!

On February 16, Kaylee celebrated her tenth birthday. In our family, girls are very special--after all, they are very rare! But Kaylee is extra special, just because she is ours. . .

Kaylee is the perfect "mother's helper." In fact, I have no idea how I ever took care of babies and managed the household without her! She gets up early with Weston every morning, so I can get a little bit of uninterrupted sleep. (It's so cute to see him reach for her, and wave bye-bye to me!) Then throughout the day, she cheerfully helps with the baby while I take a few minutes to do all those things that moms do. In addition to being my helper, Kaylee is an A+ student, and also takes time to correspond with her ever-growing list of pen-pals. We love you, Kaylee!

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