Monday, January 12, 2009

Keaton's birthday--8 years old!

On December 29, 2008, Keaton celebrated his eighth birthday. Eight years old already! Keaton, otherwise known in our household as "The Gingerbread Man," is a very special part of our family. He can often be found reading in bed until nearly midnight, and recently surprised us by reading a large portion of a "young adult fiction" book from the library. He is a proud big brother, often taking a few minutes to carry Weston around the house while I'm busy. And of course, being part gingerbread man, Keaton is an exceptionally fast runner, as well! We love you, Keaton!


  1. We love you too Keaton. Looks like a yummy cake!!!!!

  2. No surprise, he definitely had a "Gingerbread" dad. lol carole & dave

  3. Happy Birthday boys...
    You have a pretty fancy blog going there, Judy...
    good work..